Flashfloods in Bloomington, June 5, 2008

By | June 6, 2008

Two to three inches of rain here in Bloomington in a 24 hour period, after the ground is already saturated from heavy rains a few days earlier, makes for some serious flash flooding. The first photo below is taken from the deck on second story, back of the house. There is a culvert that drains the water coming… Read More »

Chicago Cityscape May 28, 2008

By | June 5, 2008

I have always been fascinated with cityscapes, how in large cities the light can play among the buildings and turn them into almost abstract portraits of surprising beauty. I had to make a quick two day trip for meetings at the Big Ten Network headquarters, and shot these two views from my hotel room on 19th floor of… Read More »

Spring and Bee Swarms, May 2008

By | May 18, 2008

For three years we have had a colony of honey bees nesting in the wall of our house. They established themselves by entering under the timbers that support the deck on the upper story of the house. We have been working on a plan to remove them without injuring them. This weekend, proving they are a healthy colony,… Read More »