Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Moon, Mercury at Dawn

By | October 11, 2015

October 11, just before dawn, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, a very old crescent Moon, and Mercury were visible in the east, despite the hazy layers of clouds low on the horizon.

Carol and I walked to top of the ridge south of the house, along the golf course cart path that runs East to West along the ridge. By walking a far enough west, we were able to see through and above the trees lining the course and covering the small pocket park to the east.

We were able to see Mercury just to upper left from left upper pointing horn of the old moon with our naked eyes. If you click thorough to higher resolution image, you can barely see a dot of light that is Mercury in the pink band of clouds above the and to left of the moon.

Jupiter is in the middle, and Mars just above it and slightly to left, not really visible in the picture. Venus is at top.

This was taken with my Galaxy 4 Android phone, hand held.