Birds After the Rain Storm

By | June 18, 2011

Steady rain came through from the wee hours on into morning, finally letting up right after dawn. Here are some shots of birds coming for their morning feed on our upper deck, looking a little more bedraggled than usual. It was fascinating to see them this way close up.

Note the first photo, which is a fledgling Redbelly Woodpecker. He hatched this spring, and his parents have been bringing him to the deck with them.

The young fledgling woodpeckers do not yet have the colors of the adults.

Male Redbelly Woodpecker, soaked, and showing signs of molting on the head.

Redbelly hanging on the feeder. You get a really get view of the red on the belly, made even more prominent by being soaking wet.

Female Cardinal.

Male Cardinal flapping wings while feeding.


Catching the Mockingbird flapping to stabilize hanging onto the feeder.

Nuthatch fussing. It could see me through the class of the door.

Titmouse, photo catching its winks in motion as it hangs onto the feeder.